Cultivating Kingdom Culture

We are determined to cultivate Kingdom culture within our community.

We, the founders of the Allmother Project, love the local church. We know that the success of this undertaking is dependent first upon God and second upon the strong, local fellowships you’ll find all across Texas. We need the help of the local Church in order to accomplish all the Father has given us to do. These fellowships are the very foundation of what we are called to build. We also recognize that creating a Kingdom culture within this community is necessary and will take additional and unique equipping. It is imperative that everyone involved be united, encouraged, and emboldened by knowing Whose they are and who He created them to be.  With this in mind, we offer training simply to shape the culture of our community.

For this reason, many of the programs require volunteers to complete certifications. The cost of these certifications helps raise funds for the programs. 100% of the money collected through our store (products, training, and donations) goes toward the mission and vision for the Allmother Project. No one receives a salary. We will also offer courses by Spirit-filled teachers who have donated them in order to help us raise funds.

Our hope is that you’ll be empowered to change the world with us after taking these courses.

Courses Currently Available

Volunteer – Level 1 Certification


We believe that all service that is an overflow of abundant life is service that truly transforms the world. 

Therefore, it’s important to recognize that abundant life isn’t found in the perfect circumstances. You don’t have to have the perfect job, body, home, neighborhood, marriage, or family. Other people should never be allowed to determine whether we live out of abundant life, especially since it is a promise.  Jesus told us in His Word that He came to give us abundant life. Abundant, world-changing life can only be found with the correct thinking. It is lived by faith in the One who created us and truly loves us beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. It is the very life we live when we believe all God says in His Word. Walking this out is how we become a community surrendered, submitted, and focused who welcome God’s Presence through His Holy Spirit.

It is our goal to see every one of us become Presence-driven, world-changers living to fully enjoy the one true living God. And He, us.